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Endoscopic Minimal Access Surgery for

  • Nasal Polyp(Polypectomy).
  • DNS (Septoplasty).
  • Sinus Headache(FESS).
  • CSF Leaks(Transnasal CSF Rhinorrhea Repair).

Stitchless Surgey for Eye Watering(Endoscopic DCR),Adenoid Surgery in Children (Endoscopic Adenoidectomy), Endoscopic surgery for Nose Bleeding

  • Recurrent "Naqseer"(Chemical Cauterization).
  • Refractory Bleeding(Endoscopic Sphenopalatine Ligation/ Cautery).

Nasal Video Endoscopy Cosmetic Nasal Surgery for

  • Deformed Nose(Rhinoplasty).
  • Correction of nasal and maxillary fractures(Maxillo facial trauma repair).

Cosmetic Nose Piercing Foreign Body Removal